Banjari Gosht Mutton Lamb Recipe


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Explore the bona fide kinds of Rajasthani flavors imbued in succulent sheep pieces. This one will amaze at your supper table!

Formula Servings: 4Prep Time: Cook Time: 45 MinutesTotal Cook Time: 45 MinutesDifficulty Level: Medium
Ingredients Of Banjari Gosht Mutton Lamb Recipe

  • 150 gm oil 

  • 600 gm sheep cleaned and cut 

  • 200 gm onions 

  • 50 gm entire garam masala 

  • 80 gm ginger-garlic glue 

  • 25 gm red bean stew powder 

  • salt to taste 

  • 15 gm turmeric 

  • 20 gm coriander powder 

  • 15 gm coriander seeds-cooked and squashed 

  • 150 gm yogurt 

  • 6 entire red chillies 

Most Effective Method to Make Banjari Gosht Mutton Lamb 
  1. Heat oil, include cut onions and saute till they turn brown.
  2. Then include ginger-garlic glue, garam masala, red stew powder, salt, turmeric, coriander powder.
  3. Add yogurt and mutton.
  4. Add coriander seeds and enable them to cook.
  5. Garnish with beat coriander seeds and entire red chillies.


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