Easy Recipe For Tasty Biryani


Easy Recipe For Tasty Biryani

Planning Time 

40 mins 

Cook Time 

40 mins 

Add up to Time 

1 hr 20 mins 

A one-pot dish made with long grain basmati rice, chicken, new flavors and herbs that is cooked over low warmth for the most luscious flavors 

Course: Entree 

Cooking: Indian


  • Marinade 

  •  garam masala Add 3 tsp for spicier Biryani 

  •   ginger ground 

     garlic minced 

  •   red bean stew powder 

  •  turmeric 

  •  measure of mint clears out 

  •  measure of cleaved cilantro 

  •  lemon juice 

  •  plain yogurt 

  •  salt 

  •  entire bone in chicken skinless cut into 12 pieces (If utilizing chicken bosoms cut into 2 inch pieces) 

Remaining Ingredients 

  •  Basmati rice 

  •  ghee partitioned 

  •  onions meagerly cut 

  •  straight clears out 

  •  Salt 

  •  saffron blended in 1 tbsp warm drain 

  • bubbled and shelled eggs discretionary 

  •  jalapeno cut into 8 wedges discretionary for additional fiery


1-Make Marinade by blending garam masala, ginger glue, garlic glue, red bean stew powder, turmeric, mint leaves, half of the slashed cilantro, lemon juice, yogurt and salt. Include chicken and coat equitably with the marinade. Keep in the fridge for no less than 30 minutes. 

2-While the chicken is marinating, wash and splash the basmati rice in water. Keep aside for 20 mins. 

3-Swing IP to Saute(Hi). After the 'hot' sign presentations, include 2 tbsp of ghee and include meagerly cut onions. Cook blending as often as possible for 15 mins or until the point when the onions are brilliant dark colored and caramelized. Take out portion of the onion and keep aside to garnish the biryani. 

4-Add 1 tbsp of ghee to the IP with half of the caramelized onions as of now in the pot. For additional hot Biryani include cut jalapeno. Include straight leaves and marinated chicken. Blend well, deglazing the pot with a spatula to take out any cooking of the pot from sautéing the onions. 

a) For Chicken on bone - Close IP and turn weight valve to fixing. Set IP to Manual mode for 4 mins. Take after with Quick discharge. Give the chicken a speedy blend. 

or on the other hand 

b) For Chicken Breasts - Mix well and cook on Saute mode 3 mins. 

5-Deplete the rice and tenderly pour over the chicken. Include 2 tsp of salt. Include some water. Close IP and turn weight valve to fixing. Set IP to Manual mode for 6 mins. Take after with Quick discharge. 

6-Tenderly cushion and blend the rice with the chicken on the base of the container. 

7-Enhancement with the rest of the caramelized onions, saffron and cilantro. 

8-Present with Raita (Onions and tomatoes blended in yogurt), hard bubbled egg and lemon wedges. 

** This formula makes medium fiery Biryani. For additional fiery include jalapeno. Or on the other hand include another tsp of garam masala to the chicken.



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